Drones are increasingly popular in Hawaii, and some people want to reign in how and where the unmanned aircraft can be used. A bill — HB314 — would ban using drones to collect personal information and stop them from flying over schools, hospitals, churches or police stations without consent. That bill will be in the House Committee on Commerce and Consumer Protection on Tuesday.

Report via the Associated Press. Track HB314 and submit testimony online:

Introducing the Phantom 3: We’ve returned to the Phantom and have redesigned its core systems to bring you the most advanced, forward-thinking aerial videography solution the world has ever seen. The Phantom 3 takes the look and feel of big-budget professional image capture and puts it in the palm of your hand.

Civil Bytes: That’s Not a Drone, That’s a Researcher – Civil Beat

Civil Bytes: That’s Not a Drone, That’s a Researcher – Civil Beat

Drones Wanted for Mini Maker Faire!

Drone groups and pilots are being encouraged to participate in upcoming second annual Honolulu Mini-Maker Faire! It’s taking place on May 9 at Iolani School. Organizers were able to secure the gym and are would like to make that area aeronautics/drone-themed. Some ideas thrown around include drone races, presentations on some of the positive applications of drones (i.e. searching for lost hikers), etc.

Want to participate? Here’s the link for signing up:


The official site is: