Drone operator chased, tased by ranger at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

A drone operator was chased and tased by a ranger at Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park. The confrontation happened after park rangers say the man refused to cooperate when he was caught using a drone to video the Kilauea volcano in an area where massive crowds have been gathering at night to witness the rising lava lake.

Drones Wanted for Mini Maker Faire!

Drone groups and pilots are being encouraged to participate in upcoming second annual Honolulu Mini-Maker Faire! It’s taking place on May 9 at Iolani School. Organizers were able to secure the gym and are would like to make that area aeronautics/drone-themed. Some ideas thrown around include drone races, presentations on some of the positive applications of drones (i.e. searching for lost hikers), etc.

Want to participate? Here’s the link for signing up:


The official site is:


Pesky Drones Snap Photos on Private Property

Drones may be useful to farmers for monitoring their crops and livestock; also to governments trying to access damage after a natural disaster, or to make it possible for photographers to get incredible video of big wave surfing, but they can also be noisy and invasive pests. Like so many other emerging technologies, unmanned aircraft operations are proliferating faster than officials can regulate them. Nowadays, drones are capable of taking professional-quality photos, as well as video, and can be purchased online for less than $300.

Photo courtesy Mauricio Lima.

Aloha from Above – Drone-cam over Hawaii

Growing up in Hawaii, Eric Sterman fell in love with the Pacific Ocean and surfing. One day he saw a drone in Bali with a camera on it and something clicked. He set out to become the best surf-drone-cameraman around, and with 60k+ followers on Instagram, he is well on his way. His work has gone viral all across the Internet.